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positive role model

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Bone marrow cancer is mainly caused because a tumor is formed within the bone structure. This specifically affects the bone marrow which is a spongy and soft tissue inside the bone. The life expectancy with bone marrow cancer depends on several factors.

1. Development of bone marrow cancer is considered to be a risk for lifetime

2. The probability of African-Americans to develop this type of cancer is 30percent more than that of whites.

3. The treatment of most of the cancers is possible if diagnosis is done at early stages

4. The prognosis of bone cancer depends on various factors such as severity of cancer Cheap Juwan Howard Jersey , stage of cancer, damage to the body, the age of the patient, the kind of treatment and the overall health condition.

5. There are various factors such as age Cheap Gilbert Arenas Jersey , sex, race and overall health of a person. The time span for which the symptoms were experienced by the patient as well as the kind of treatment used will also determine the life expectancy with bone marrow cancer. The life expectancy will also depend to a great extent on the spread of cancer and stage of tumor formation.

6. Bone marrow cancer basically refers to a situation in which a clotting is formed by cancerous tumors. They form a lump inside the bone marrow. Gradually, the cancerous cells will spread to other parts of the body as well. The diagnosis is in the form of stages of bone cancer. if the first stage is not recognized as a life-threatening condition, the 2nd and 3rd stage will point towards extreme situations.

7. The life expectancy of bone marrow cancer can be evaluated by various methods. There are 3 main stages of bone marrow cancer. The first stage will consider the albumin level which is equal to or greater than 3.5. Here Wholesale Washington Wizards Jerseys , the life expectancy is 62 months after diagnosing the cancer. In stage 2, the life expectancy of cancer is 44 months after diagnosing it. The life expectancy is very low at the stage 3. It is only 29 months.

8. Thus, one has to be properly aware of various signs and symptoms of bone marrow cancer. Some of them will include bone pain, bone collapse Wholesale Wizards Jerseys , bone pain, excessive weakness and subsequent increase in the levels of calcium in blood due to bone breakage. This may also cause infections, frequent headaches, confusion and vision impairment.

Thus Cheap Washington Wizards Jerseys , one must be aware of the life expectancy with bone marrow cancer.

Vidiya - About Author:
Read in this article about Life expectancy with bone marrow cancer. You can also read about Bone Cancer Life Expectancy by visiting Onlymyhealth.

Make the Connection: Start Disciplining with Love Family Articles | January 6, 2005
How to stay ... with kids while setting ... ... is to teach. When we ... we teach our children to have ... to be ... of others, and to feel secure. A home

How to stay connected with kids while setting limits.

To discipline is to teach. When we discipline we teach our children to have self-control, to be considerate of others Cheap Wizards Jerseys , and to feel secure. A home with no discipline is a recipe for chaos. Parents become exhausted and easily stressed. Children feel out of control, oftentimes exhibiting unacceptable social behavior without any real consequences. As parents we owe it to our family to maintain order. We discipline our kids as a means of setting limits and restoring a state of equilibrium in the home. But how do we effectively discipline? The first step to discipline involves saying ?NO?. This can be difficult for some parents at first since a verbal ?NO? is usually encountered by whining, anger or sobbing from a child. But who said disciplining was an easy task? It is difficult as it involves an array of emotions, but doable since we are mature adults powered by love for our kids. Through our love for our children we are inspired to be positive role models and to discipline with love.

When we discipline with love we go a step further. We want our kids to understand the consequences of their behavior. We say ?NO? but we also help to redirect our children?s inappropriate behaviors. We offer alternatives and present opportunities for good behavior. For example Wholesale Gary Neal Jersey , John is preparing lunch in the kitchen for his four year old son, Mark. As he glances out in the living room, he sees Mark tearing sheets of newspaper and spewing it all over the carpet. He says ?NO? to his son in a serious tone and suggests that he helps him set the table for lunch. Mark reluctantly responds and helps his father. With patience and love, John has helped redirect his son?s behavior. Mark can understand through his father?s approach that his actions were inappropriate.

When we discipline with love Wholesale Martell Webster Jersey , we only discipline when it is absolutely necessary. We learn to choose our battles wisely. This is important since children often feel the urge to stop trying when parents constantly criticize their every move. We can help our children improve their behaviors by presenting fewer rules for them to follow. Younger children (birth to 2 years) in particular need to start with only one or two rules. Older children can possibly handle more, but how much a child can handle is solely dependent on the child?s personality and his developmental stage. The key is to help boost your child?s self-confidence by giving him opportunities to achieve a bit of early success.

Disciplining with love usually incorporates some level of understanding. We need to understand the developmental milestones in each stage of our child?s life. When we compare his actions to the actions of the average child in his age group then we can better understand if his behavior is appropriate or not. For instance, a seven month old banging on a glass table may receive a different parental feedback versus an eight year old doing the same action. What we deem appropriate for ou. Khalil Mack Jersey Authentic Kareem Hunt Jersey Authentic Julio Jones Jersey Authentic JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey Authentic Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey Jason Witten Youth Jersey Jared Cook Kids Jersey Jalen Ramsey Kids Jersey Ezekiel Elliott Kids Jersey Drew Brees Saints Jersey

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