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Check how much the boyfriend next to him is a "gentleman".

 Oggetto del messaggio: Check how much the boyfriend next to him is a "gentleman".
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Many people say that the word "gentleman" is rarely left in today's society. Plus it turns out that there is a new value that Sincere love is to show the other person their rawness. Or even the word of the era that “To be a girlfriend, we have to be patient.” All of which has greatly degraded the standards of today's men. And when men wear off, women will have bad taste accordingly. Conclude if you do not want it Let's heal men who still know manners. And better timing Then a man who is a gentleman It should look like what kind, let's check it out.
1. Open the door for us to enter first or open the door waiting for us to walk in as well
2. Move the chair to sit when going to dinner. Or go to eat together
3. Time to eat Or even a dessert shop, coffee shop, will always let the lady look at the menu and order first.
4. Dress appropriately and know the time. This will give you a glimpse of how much your man appreciates you and those around you.
5.Not eating or scooping food from your plate
6. If you go on a trip together, you will not drink until you get drunk. Unable to control one's mind
7. When two people together, which is a private time, a man with manners does not look at the phone. Or giving too much emphasis on the phone
8.What does your eye say more than words? Or superslot being right, a reliable man is someone who does not look away when talking
9. Be a good listener and will always remember what you said about it.
10. When walking along the road together, he walks outside to protect you.
11.If the weather changes A well-trained young man He knew that the outerwear had to be removed. For the young woman who came together
12. To pick up and drop off young women when dating Considered to honor her And her family
However, we don't mean these 12 non-gentlemen boyfriend is not a good guy. Because this is just a basic etiquette for creating an image. Trust And trust Nowadays, social conditions have changed a lot. A lot of women don't like this much, but if any young woman has a young man who has all these 12 points and is always consistent. Keep him well, he could be a good husband and a good father, you and your child.

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