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betting odds ufc 100

 Oggetto del messaggio: free baseball picks
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 Oggetto del messaggio: sports betting professionals
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Messaggi: 3575
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Only two betting agencies exclusively chose Miss Philippines.

The rest of the bettors gambled on Miss Puerto Rico......
and they went home much poorer than the Boricuas in Puerto Rico.

tinker bell comforter

 Oggetto del messaggio: Re: betting odds ufc 100
MessaggioInviato: 20/09/2019, 12:38 
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 Oggetto del messaggio: betting odds ufc 100
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i very much doubt those betting odds are accurate... even the TiBB polls are basically saying shes a gonner. every one seems to like Rex, too according to avatars, I see no Belinda avatars

 Oggetto del messaggio: betting odds ufc 100
MessaggioInviato: 24/10/2019, 21:16 
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Iscritto il: 26/08/2019, 10:56
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I will pay out on thursdays as I post the new odds...this thursday schedule is tough and I need to wait to find odds that reflect injuries announced on wednesday.

hope it works for every one

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 Oggetto del messaggio: Re: betting odds ufc 100
MessaggioInviato: 05/11/2019, 5:40 
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Messaggi: 43234
Località: Zambia

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