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Acne clogged caused by something, want to get rid quickly

 Oggetto del messaggio: Acne clogged caused by something, want to get rid quickly
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What is clogged acne? Today we will bring you to get to know the clogged acne. Along with telling the cause of acne Including how to treat clogged acne quickly This event, who wants a clear face without having to rely on apps, say, must see.
How to treat acne
Acne problem, in addition to making many people lose confidence When it healed, it still left a painful mark, especially clogged pimples that make the skin look uneven In addition, when squeezed out, it still becomes a deep pit that doesn't look attractive. For this reason, it makes many young people looking for a cure for acne vulgaris. And not coming back

Acne blockage caused by what?

The occurrence of clogged acne Can happen by many factors Most of which are caused by the following.
Cause Acne is caused by clogging of dead skin lining cells. And fat that is being produced too much from the subcutaneous sebaceous glands The blockage will occur within the hair follicles under the skin.
It is caused by the male sex hormone testosterone. (Testosterone) works too much. As a result, the sebaceous glands produce a lot of oil. And clogging until causing acne

Caused by the condition of the skin with too much water before menstruation. This may be caused by the use of moisturizing creams to supplement the skin, causing this or other conditions that increase the skin's moisture.
Severe disturbances of the skin or pores can also lead to clogged pimples, such as excessive facial scrubbing, squeezing pimples and exfoliation to exfoliate old skin cells.

In addition to smoking, it will increase your chances of getting clogged acne. It also reduces the secretion of vitamin E that helps reduce acne.
How to treat acne
The appearance of clogged acne.

Pimples are small bumps that are clogged under the skin. By being acne without inflammation Often found on the forehead and chin Can be divided into 5 types as follows
1. Whitehead or clogged acne. Looks like a white bump under the skin. Able to develop larger pimples

2. Blackheads or clogged acne open heads It looks like a small black bump, usually found in the T-zone, ie, forehead, nose and chin. The black head of acne is not caused by dirt. But caused by clogged pores, dead skin cells And the oils on our faces react with oxygen in the air. Thus causing the acne to become black

3. Microcomedones are small comedones that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

4. Macrocomedones are pimples larger than 2-3 mm.

5. Giant Comedones, a large open-headed acne blockage. It looks like a cyst and has a black head.

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